Mar 20 2012

Mortgage Seminar Thursday March 22 @ 5 PM

Attend this seminar and learn about
- Reverse Mortgages
- Refinancing
- Pre-approval/mortgage advice
- First time home buying
Hosted by

 Chicago Community Bank, a branch of Metro Bank
47 W. Polk Street, Dearborn Station
Roy Svenson, Joe Conforti and Marueen Schechtman

Wine, Refreshments and light appetizers will be served
Questions? Call Brian Waters at 312-588-1416 or

Dec 23 2009

Get to know Your South Loop Referral Group

Get to know Your South Loop Referral Group

South Loop Referral Group is a professional organization, made up of individuals with a high level of skill and passion for serving their community. The members all live and work in the south loop area; which means they are well known locally with many resources and testimonials. A referral groups goal is to have only one representative from each category.  The quality of their work and the care they provide makes them truly unique, and whether you are looking for a printer, a banker or a contractor, you can be sure whomever you hire from our group, will be attentive, on time, and competitively priced.

The group also serves as a rainmaker, encouraging local business development and supporting a thriving professional community in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood through motivation, communication, and education.

Interested in joining? Please contact Roy Svensen at CCC for more info at 312-588-1417  or

Through any of us, you get to all of us.

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